It’s easy to take lots of things for granted when you are young, fit and healthy. However it’s heartening to know there are plenty of accessories out there that can make certain tasks much easier than they would otherwise be.

Here are five aids for the elderly and disabled to help with every day kitchen tasks.

Patterson Kitchen workstation

Patterson Kitchen WorkstationIf you struggle to perform a variety of kitchen tasks this kitchen workstation will tick lots of boxes. There are removable spikes to hold bread, vegetables and all manner of other things so you can cut them more easily. You can also grate and chop with this workstation so it makes all manner of otherwise troublesome tasks much easier.

Patterson 6 in 1 multi opener

Patterson 6 in 1 Multi OpenerMost kitchens could do with one of these, but the elderly and disabled will definitely find it useful. Anyone who has trouble of any kind with their hands will appreciate the ease with which they can open jars of all shapes and sizes. The double-ended opener allows you to fit it over your choice of jar, while the rubber grip makes holding it much easier too.

Patterson Universal kettle tipper

Patterson Universal kettle tipperUsing a kettle can be difficult – not to mention dangerous – if you have trouble with your hands or you struggle to reach it properly. This is where the universal kettle tipper comes in. As the name suggests it is suitable for all kettles whether they are corded or not. You simply fill the kettle, settle it into the tipper and wait for it to boil. When it does you just need to tip the kettle to pour it, all without putting any strain or stress on your wrists or hands.

Days Trolley walker with brakes

Days Trolley Walker with BrakesThis is one of the best kitchen aids that can help both the elderly and the disabled. This trolley walker is fitted with brakes for safety, enabling you to stop in a specific position and use the trolley for support while standing. The removable trays included as part of the design also mean you can put food or any other items onto the trays and then let the walker take the strain while you walk to another room with them.


Bending to pick something up isn’t easy if you have a back injury, are confined to a wheelchair or are elderly and a little unsteady. This handi-reacher comes in handy in all kinds of situations. If you are settled in your armchair and you drop the TV remote on the floor you can use the handi-reacher to pick it up. Alternatively you can use it to select a book off a high shelf. The possibilities are endless.


The main thing to do if you are considering purchasing one or more aids of this type for the kitchen is to consider what you have trouble with. By identifying the most problematic areas you will be able to find the aids that will make life far easier for you.

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