Triride - A stylish power add-on from Italy

Invented by company founder Gianni Conte
“Triride was born with a clear goal: build an electrical device to motorize a manual wheelchair, in order to give a bigger and surprising mobility both in working life and free time.”

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Triride Power Add-on for Manual Wheelchairs

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Triride is an excellent range of Power Add-ons for manual wheechairs, designed by Triride company founder Gianni Conte. The design has beed finely honed by Gianni as he has pursued his dream of a motorised device for manual wheelchairs. Triride is the culmination of one mans vision to change the lives of wheelchair users and ultimately create a space saving alternative to traditional electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. The company is a leader in research and development, constantly refining and improving all aspects of the Triride, from design to components. As a consequence of this leading edge creativity, the company holds many patents.

The base model Triride base model is fantastic for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Weighing in at a lean 8.4kg, the Triride is easy to handle and transport. A range of up to 50km and a high performance motor make this power add-on amazing fun to use. Controls include cruise control, LCD display and 5 speed levels.

Gianni made his first prototype and began manufacturing the Triride on a small scale for his impressed friends. Demand was so high for Gianni’s fun machine, the company quickly expanded and upscaled production, now supplying the latest Triride to all corners of the globe.

At Active Mobility we are placing ourselves at the forefront of the Power Add-on revolution, with models already in store ready for you to test drive today!

We have many combinations of speed, range, wheel size and controls. Call today or come along to our store to find out which model of Power Add-on is right for you and your current manual wheelchair.

Power add-ons for manual wheelchairs offer a whole new take on powered mobility


Amazing fun to use! You have to try this!


Fits most wheelchair models


Works great inside and in the great outdoors


Use for the daily commute and for country trails


Light & easy to transport

Triride Base

The entry model of the Triride Range.

The Triride gives the wheelchair user an option to give those shoulders and arms a rest and let the Triride’s 540w motor power your wheelchair. The Lithiumion battery can give a range of up to 50km

The trike design of the Triride when attached to a wheelchair gives amazing manouverability. Navigate tight spaces with ease using the Triride’s tiny turning circle and reverse gear. The Triride has no official top speed, but please view the video above to see just how nippy this classy machine is.

Weighing in at only 8.4kg makes the Triride is easy to transport and perfect for explorers. A 50km range combined with chunky 12 or 14 inch wheels with strengthened aluminium rims can cope with long country trails. City tyres are also available for the daily commute. Stay safe with the Triride’s powerful disc brake, and stay relaxed with cruise control.

More options are available: 4 power levels from the 540w base motor up to the grizzly 2000w motor of the “T-Rocks” off-roader. Wheel sizes from 8″ to 20″ are available, with your choice of pavement or off-road tyres. Also your choice of battery size and voltage.

Triride HP16

Includes 1500w motor

Triride Special Light

Traction control and power

Triride T Rocks

Rugged 20″ wheel and huge 2000w motor

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Triride Base Technical info

MaterialStainless Steel
Wheel12″ or 14”
DisplayMultifunction LCD, 5 speed settings
BatteryLithium-ion (without “memory effect”)
BrakesPowerful disk brakes
Maximum dimensionsW 50 cm x H 90 cm x D 40 cm
Weight8.4 Kg (battery excluded)
Range50 km (depending on speed and land relief)

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