As we age simple processes such as getting into and out of an armchair can become more difficult. Fortunately there are solutions, and the most obvious one is to invest in one of the many riser recliner chairs that are now available.

There are several particularly excellent riser chairs for the elderly on the market now, and we’ve reviewed the cream of the crop below.

Cosi Ellen riser chair

Cosi Ellen Riser Recliner

This particular chair is a tilt in space model. This basically means the entire seat tilts when you adjust the chair in order to stand up or sit down. The seat and the back of the chair stay at the same angle rather than one portion moving independently of the other. This is a nice casual chair that is available in a choice of colours to suit most surroundings.

Cosi Walden riser chair

Cosi Walden Riser Chair

The Walden is a practical choice of chairs for the elderly where little space is available. You only need four inches between the back of the chair and the wall in order to operate it safely. This is a single motor model that provides the versatility of reclining to an almost fully flat position as well as the ability to gradually rise to ease you into a standing position.

Cosi Medina riser chair

Cosi Medina riser chair

This particular chair offers dual motor versatility. This means you can raise your legs independently of the back of the chair rather than the two working together on a single motor. You also have a choice of different sizes. If you are looking for a more advanced and multi-purpose chair you know you can rely on to stay comfortable in, this could be just the thing.

Days Sasha rise recline chair

Days Sasha rise recline chair

The Sasha is an attractive model in the area of rise and recline chairs. It is the perfect solution if you are shorter than average but it still offers a generous sizing and width, providing supreme comfort. It is also easy to operate, thanks to the two buttons provided. As such it combines simplicity with comfort and would fit into a variety of surroundings and rooms.

Made to measure

If you can’t seem to find the exact chair to suit your needs you can consider going down the made to measure route. This enables you to choose the mechanism and motor you want and combine it with the size of chair you really need. You can also choose the fabric from a wide range, giving you every chance of finding the perfect chair for your surroundings as well as your needs. These chairs start from under £1,000 and are exceptionally well made, just as you would expect.

As you can see there are all kinds of riser chairs designed to appeal to specific types of people with specific challenges. Regardless of whether you find it difficult to get up from an armchair or lower yourself down, or whether you are elderly or disabled, there is certainly a chair out there for you.

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