Choosing from the many mobility scooters on the market today can be a real challenge. The good news is there are several notable and high quality brands to choose from, not least Pride.

Here we take a closer look at five of the best models you might like to consider when shopping around for a mobility scooter.

Pride Elite Traveller Sport

Pride Elite Traveller Sport This is a great choice for those who need a shopping scooter that offers really good performance in every area. Capable of taking a maximum weight of 23st 3lbs, this scooter offers many practical features. These include a robust shopping basket on the front and LED lighting to both the front and rear. Comfortable, well-built and easy to charge, it’s a superb around town model when you need something to rely on for the occasional journey out and about.

Pride Elite Traveller LX

Pride Elite Traveller LX This is the next model up from the Sport version above. Boasting chunky wheels and an easy to reach charging port, the Traveller LX also offers a generous storage basket to the front and kerb lights to the sides. You also have the ability to upgrade it to a 17 amp battery. This unfussy design belies a reliable strength and one you’ll be happy to rely on.

Pride New Rapid Apex

Pride New Rapid Apex If you are looking for portable mobility scooters that are slightly more advanced than the basic entry level designs, this might meet your needs. It comes with Comfort-Trac Suspension as standard and is incredibly easy to manoeuvre and use for longer periods. The seat is comfortable and everything can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Pride Colt Sport

Pride Colt Sport Some Pride mobility scooters come with bigger chairs offering back and neck support. The Colt Sport is just such a chair, and there are many other more advanced features here too. You’ll find a convenient and easy to use handbrake as well as automatic brake lights. Everyone will be able to see you when you are using the Colt Sport. Shopping trips are made easy with the shopping basket included, and the front and rear suspension makes journeys more comfortable over any terrain.

Pride Colt Pursuit

Pride Colt Pursuit As the name would suggest, this is one of the leading models in the Pride scooters range. While a simple journey would be pleasant in this great mobility scooter, the demands of rougher terrain are easily met in the Colt Pursuit too. The scooter has an LCD console and the chunky wide tyres are capable of handling all kinds of challenges. The drivetrain has been specifically chosen to cope with more demanding requirements as well, so you can have confidence in this particular model in many ways.

The Pride name is well-known in this market for many very good reasons. When you are selecting the ideal scooter for your needs make sure you compare the various features each one provides. Only then can you hope to locate the perfect model that will give you many years of excellent service.

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