Cosyfeet slippers are just what you need at this time of year, when it feels as though the temperature is dropping further every single day. With a variety of great designs available, including wide fitting slippers for women as well as men’s wide fitting slippers, the ideal pair is just waiting to be found.

Eliza Bootee

cosyfeet Eliza bootee

Price: £24.17
This particular slipper benefits from a Velcro top section to enable the wearer to easily slip it on and off. Available in a wide range of colours, the navy option is available in mixed sizes in case you’re looking for Cosyfeet options that will suit two unevenly-sized feet. The sole is hard-wearing and designed to last, so you’ll be enjoying the Eliza bootee for a long time to come.

Helen Slipper

cosyfeet helen slipper

Price: £24.17
This appealing set of Cosyfeet footwear comes in a charming range of colours. The touch fastening means you won’t have to fiddle around to get them done up or undone once your foot has easily slipped inside each slipper. The soft interior is easy on your feet and the tough sole is good enough for walking in the garden as well as indoors, thus getting rid of the need to change.

Rupert Slipper

cosyfeet rupert slipper

Price: £26.67
Slippers for swollen feet still need to be supportive, and the Rupert slipper definitely handles that side of things adequately. The acrylic finish guarantees warmth throughout the winter and there is a good range of sizes to choose from. The easy touch fastening makes wearing them a breeze, and you’ll be able to wear them all day if need be, ensuring proper comfort even when your feet are swollen.

Rowan Wrap Around House Shoe

cosyfeet rowan slipper

Price: £39.17
Sometimes a slipper isn’t quite what you need, yet a proper shoe can be too uncomfortable to wear. Allow us to suggest the Rowan wrap around house shoe, which has been specifically designed for just that purpose. This comes in a variety of finishes, all of which benefit from the chunky sole. The large touch wrap closing makes it easy to slide your feet into them, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day, whatever you happen to be doing. They’re extra-wide too, guaranteeing your comfort.

Ryan Slipper

cosyfeet ryan slipper

Price: £26.67
This is a lovely slipper from the Cosyfeet range, with a wide opening that makes it easy to wear them. The easy fastening makes it easy to ensure the slipper fits properly once you’ve got it on, and you can ensure you are able to adjust it as necessary. The HH+ fitting means there is more room than you might expect, and yet the fastening makes it easy to adjust to your convenience.

As you can see, ladies wide fit slippers can be just as pleasing to look at as they are to wear. If you are in need of wide fitting slippers for swollen feet, looking through the Cosyfeet range could result in finding just the right slipper for you. No matter what size you need, there is one there designed just for you.

Should you need any help or advice choosing Cosyfeet footwear please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0800 458 3785

All prices were correct at time of publish however are subject to change.

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