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The chances are you may already have seen people using the Invacare Comet out and about in your local area. It’s such a solid mobility scooter and has so many appealing features, it tends to be a popular choice for many people.

What does the Comet have to offer?

The main advantage of this scooter is that it’s a heavy duty mobility scooter. This means you’re assured of the best performance at all times, and it is more capable of handling a wide range of situations compared to less robust scooters.

comet mobility scooter

Let’s take it for a virtual spin to see what it can offer you. For starters it is has an impressive range and a good top speed too. It’s not restricted to 3-4mph: instead it can reach a top speed of 7mph if desired. It’s also capable of travelling up to an impressive 34 miles on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about being caught out and running out of power just when you need it most.

Smart all terrain mobility scooters

More basic scooters are fine if you only need to go short distances on pavements and similar hard surfaces. However it can become more problematic when you need to negotiate different terrains.

Fortunately this Invacare model delivers on every front. The tough 13” pneumatic tyres are great for navigating all surfaces, and they’ve got a good chunky grip too for extra stability. You’ll be pleased to see the design also includes anti-splash guards to prevent any mud or water from splashing up onto your feet.

comet all terain scooter

The tiller is easy to use and operate, with all the buttons clearly marked for your convenience. It also has a built-in battery indicator so you can see at a glance when it needs charging and get it done in advance of going out. Everything is adjustable too, from the seat height and depth to the armrests. Once you’ve got it set up just how you’d like it, you’ll be free to go out and about and enjoy more freedom than you might have at present.

Smart, understated design

This model benefits from some real consideration with regard to the design. A lot of care has gone into making sure you can easily get in and out of the scooter whenever you need to. The shopping basket at the front makes it easy to manage your belongings and the seat is fully padded for additional comfort. You can also choose one of two finishes, either the blue or the onyx blue depending on your preference.

invacare comet

The more you look at this scooter the easier it is to see just how much it has to offer you. Even though it is beautifully understated on the outside, there is a lot of power and reliability built into the design. This is one scooter you know you can rely on, no matter what you have in mind to do for the day. With comfort and ease at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy taking this one out for a spin.

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