Invacare Alber E-Pilot Power Add-on & Kuschall Compact Wheelchair

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This listing is for the new Kuschall Compact wheelchair & Invacare Alber E-pilot P15 6km/h version.
Upgrade to the Mobility Plus Package for £349.99 to enjoy increased speed to 20km/h, cruise control function, (NET) EasyNavi wheelchair-friendly navigation, Incoming call & SMS notifications on display.

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#GOANYWHERE with the all New Invacare Alber e-pilot Electric Hand Bike.

Designed by the leader in power add-on drives, the Invacare Alber e-pilot Electric Hand Bike. transforms a manual wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in just a few simple steps. Choose between using your manual wheelchair as standard, or simply attach the e-pilot, connect to your smartphone and access the smart features to go further and faster. For journeys long or short, the elegantly integrated lithium-ion battery pack gives maximum flexibility with up to 50km of range to play with. The Sleek e-pilot has been designed with speed and looks in mind.

A new level of fun & convenience for wheelchair users

It also allows the ability to master everyday obstacles such as kerbs or cobblestones with the strong, efficient front wheel and powerful drive. Ideal for those using active wheelchairs seeking a convenient, comfortable and effortless solution to pursuing and maintaining active lifestyles. The Invacare alber e-pilot hand bike will take you further and go faster, offering a fantastic way to enjoy outdoor activities.

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Please note 1) The maximum speed allowed on public roads depends on local traffic regulations. Speeds above 6 or 10 km/h may only be driven on private property. Alber and its sales partners accept no liability in the event of non-compliance with national traffic laws.

Experience more With the Mobility Plus Package & App, individuals can get to their destination quickly and efficiently with a range of useful features. Connect the e-pilot to a smartphone to take advantage of EasyNavi – the wheelchair-friendly navigation system, a speed increase of up to 20km/h as well as the cruise control function for an effortless, comfortable drive experience.

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