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Choosing an armchair isn’t always easy, particularly if you have trouble getting up and down from a regular chair. If this sounds like a familiar dilemma, it might be worth looking at the range of rise and recline chairs on the market today. We’ve come across one in particular from Cosi which has many great features that make it worth recommending.

The Cosi Ambassador riser recliner

This is a chair packed with features, each of which is specifically designed to make life easier for the person using it. For example, it sits on a solid metal base which is hidden from view when the chair is in the seated position. The chair also has a dual motor installed. This means you can adjust the position of the leg rest and the back of the chair according to your needs. The dual motor feature is far more versatile than chairs that only have the one. You’ll notice the greater degree of comfort and versatility the dual motor design provides you here with the Cosi Ambassador.

How many positions does the chair offer you?

cosi ambassador positions

All riser recliner chairs have a superb variety of positions to benefit from. The Cosi Chair Ambassador is no different in this respect. You can easily tilt the chair forwards on its solid base to enable easier standing up and sitting.

Additionally the chair can also be reclined into a virtually prone position. The leg rest rises to support the legs and the back reclines to provide an extremely comfortable chair to lie down in. The arms are positioned to provide the maximum degree of comfort at all times, no matter what position you opt for.

A riser recliner chair with a variety of colours to choose from

cosichair ambassador colour

It’s nice to have a chair like this that really feels good and welcoming whenever you use it. However it’s nice to know it fits in with your décor instead of standing out in a way you may not like. It’s not a problem with the Ambassador chair since you can select from finishes including Brisa buckskin and Brisa hollyhock.

An electric recliner chair with many other great features

Cosi Ambassador Button BackLots of thought has clearly been poured into the creation of the Cosi Ambassador chair. For example the control is always within easy reach to the side of the armrest. In addition there is a large pocket on the side of the chair that’s perfect for magazines and books. You’ll never misplace a book again, or get comfy before realising you’ve left it elsewhere.

There is also an option to consider a different back design. The first option is the so-called waterfall back, named after the appearance of the three separate cushions that lay over the top of each other. Alternatively you can opt for a more traditional button-back design.

Whichever options you decide to go for, it’s clear this is one of the best chairs on the market if you are shopping for a riser recliner chair for the elderly.

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