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Choosing a powered wheelchair is an important decision. You’re going to be living with and using this chair frequently, so it makes sense to ensure it meets your own individual requirements. The Quickie Jive model is designed to deliver in all the most important areas, but you’ll soon see it delivers in many other ways as well. For example it has an efficient top speed of 8mph and it is also capable of covering up to 25 miles on a single full charge.

You certainly won’t have to worry about running out of juice on a day out or wondering whether the chair will meet all your expectations.

The fully customisable Quickie wheelchair

One of the most appealing features of this power chair is its ability to be adjusted and tweaked to suit your needs. After all, no two users will ever have the exact same needs. The makers of the Quickie understand this, which is why it has many customisable components.

quickie jive

It’s not just a case of being able to order the exact style and size of chair you need at the start either. As you’ll soon discover, the Jive-M delivers an immense amount of versatility in all respects. This means that even if you have alternative needs a few months’ down the line, your chair can be adjusted accordingly. You won’t find yourself stuck with a chair that doesn’t adapt whenever you need to. Instead it’s a chair that really does deliver on a variety of promises.

Straightforward and easy to manoeuvre

jive quickie

The challenge with any power chair is to make sure it is capable of handling all manner of road surfaces and pavements when out and about. You’ll notice the Quickie Jive-M delivers in this respect, thanks to its additional set of wheels. Add to this the appeal of SpiderTrac suspension, built to give you the smoothest ride over a wide range of surfaces, and you’ll see how well the chair delivers.

Delivers a high performance wherever you are

It’s definitely good to know you can rely on this mobility chair when you head out to the shops or you go out for the day. However it has far more than this to deliver too. The chair is also ideal for manoeuvring around at home, with its mid-wheel drive and many adjustable features. One thing is certain: You’ll always feel supremely safe and stable wherever you happen to take the chair.

Seating Options
quickie jive seating options

The chair can accommodate a maximum weight of 25.2 stone or 160kg, while delivering plenty of power via its 60Ah/72Ah battery. With chunky wheels, reliable and responsive features and plenty more besides in terms of appeal, many users have already been delighted by their Quickie wheelchair.

It is essential to explore every feature of a wheelchair you are considering purchasing, to ensure it will deliver in the areas you need it to. When you consider the many features and benefits delivered by the Quickie chair, you’ll see just how appealing it is in this sense.

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