Mid Scooters

Our range of 4mph mobility scooters are generally only intended or recommended for pavement and footway use. Because of this, these scooters do not need registering with the DVLA. Active Mobility recommends an assessment prior to purchasing a scooter to ensure you have the right scooter for your needs. Call now and speak with one of our trained advisers.

They are ideal modes of transport from your home into town to go shopping, giving you the confidence to enjoy your freedom and independence. A range of accessories will complement these convenient scooters and provide you with storage space. Typical ranges on 4mph pavement scooters are up to 20 miles.

The Pride Colt Plus model has many luxurious features and a sporty appearance as well as superior performance, when out and about. It has feather touch disassembly for your convenience when shopping or visiting friends, easing your transportation worries completely.

The Sterling Sapphire 2 offers reliability and safe handling and has a convenient, portable base. This scooter operates well on various terrains, is highly durable and disassembles into 4 manageable parts for great portability.

The Invacare Leo model is a 4 wheeler scooter for extra stability and has intelligent lighting and self cancelling indicators. It also features a rear brake light and splash protection. The Invacare Leo comes in a stylish silver or blue and is guaranteed to impress.

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