Mobility Scooter users are discovering a new initiative, allowing them to access public transport. National Express in Dundee is welcoming them on board its buses.

National Express is introducing a new training initiative for mobility scooter owners who wish to access their buses, to ensure they will be able to manoeuvre their mobility scooters easily once onboard, without aid from others.

People with mobility issues have welcomed this move in a very positive way throughout Dundee.

Scooter users are encouraged to add their name to the list for the company’s simple, short training programme, in which they learn how to manoeuvre onboard the bus easily and safely. Scooters must be compatible and if so, their users will learn how to access and leave the vehicle. The National Express buses are adapted for wheelchairs, making them suitable for scooters too. Users are then advised on how to park onboard safely in the disabled bay area.

Travel permits are now being issued to mobility scooter users in the area, once they have completed the training.

David Penman, from Here to Help Mobility, is fully supporting the programme and helping the National Express with their training. He believes that accessing public transport will really be a boost to people with mobility issues, and that safety is the most important factor to consider, for users and the people around them.

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National Express’s initiative is a positive step forward for people with disabilities who find it difficult to retain a sense of independence and freedom in their lives. The coach company’s decision to allow mobility users onboard their buses enables many disabled people to travel further afield and enjoy the same day excursions as others.

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