As we get older we sometimes benefit from a few things designed to make our lives easier. Here we’ve put together a selection of items that will make bedtime easier and more enjoyable to look forward to than ever.

Bed socks

bed socks for the elderlyCold feet can be a real problem, especially during the winter months. If your feet are cold they can keep you awake at night, so you don’t feel rested the next day either. That’s why it’s good to own a couple of pairs of bed socks. The fleece retains the heat from your feet and warms them up in no time. They’re comfy enough to wear all night and you can even wear them while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Harley Batwing pillow

harley batwing pillowThis unusually-named Batwing pillow from Harley has been designed to support your back while you are sitting up in bed. You can also use it in an armchair so it has multiple appeal. The design also gives support to your upper arms while you’re reading, so it makes for a great addition to your bed at night. Now you can spend your time reading comfortably instead of trying to get your pillows arranged in a way that suits you.

Caress Waterproof bedding

Caress waterproof beddingIf you want the peace of mind of knowing you are sleeping on a waterproof bed sheet, you can now buy a sheet that has a soft terry towelling upper layer. This means you can use it simply as a bottom sheet that also provides full waterproof qualities, instead of needing to fit another sheet on top of it as well. This also has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties which provide further benefits for the user.

Adjustable bed back rest

adjustable manual bed back restSome elderly people find it difficult to sit up in bed and read at night. However that task will be made far easier with an adjustable bed back rest. Your pillows can be placed against it for comfort and you can decide what angle is most comfortable for you. This is also ideal to use if you suffer from acid reflux at night and need to sleep in a more upright position. If you’ve been struggling with trying to position pillows behind you so far, this is a far easier and more convenient solution.

Over-bed table with cantilever wheels

 Overbed Table with cantilever wheelsIf you struggle to hold your book at night or you’d rather do puzzles or perhaps even a jigsaw, an over-bed table is the ideal solution. The bottom section is designed to slide effortlessly under most beds, while the top is tilted towards you. It’s also fully adjustable so you can make sure it sits at your preferred height. You don’t just have to use it in bed either. The wheels fitted to the bottom of the table mean you can wheel it from room to room to use in a variety of different ways.

Each of these items has marked benefits to anyone who finds it challenging to get comfortable in bed at night. Which ones would be of use to you?

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