There are hundreds of blogs out there today that focus on one or more aspects of disabled people and their lives. Some of them are highly personal in nature, while others are involved with charities. Still more provide a point of view on a particular disability or area of concern, such as rights or the design of items used by disabled people.

We’ve cherry-picked a few blogs here for you that you might want to follow. Which ones will be added to your bookmarks on your computer?

Carers Blog

carers blog

The people who manage the blog also have a Twitter account @CarersTrust. Indeed the right hand side of each page has a box featuring some of the latest tweets to be posted. It provides another way to keep up with news and blog posts from the Carers Blog, which is part of the Carers Trust. Recent posts included ones about the Care Bill, the effects and damaging nature of PTSD and a piece about the Carers Week quest.

Visit blog: www.carersblog.wordpress.com

Disability Sanctuary

disability sanctuary blog

This blog also has other site features so it is well worth a visit. Blog posts vary markedly and cover many subjects that are relevant to disabled people. For example you can read an article about creating a memory box for people with dementia, and then read another one about wheelchair innovations that can have a profound effect on those who rely on wheelchairs in their everyday lives.

Visit blog: www.disabilitysanctuary.com

Enabled By Design

enabled by design

This site is an interesting one with a clear theme. This webiste has more to offer than just the blog. The blog gives out the latest information about the Enabled by Design-athon and also looks at various ways items can be designed to make the lives of disabled people much easier. There is a community element to the site as a whole as well, which means it is a lot easier to share your own feelings about design items you love or hate that apply to disabled people.

Visit blog: www.enabledbydesign.org

Disability Rights UK

disability rights uk

Rights are an incredibly important area of concern for people with disabilities of all kinds. This blog, focuses on this subject alone. You can join the site with your Google account via Google Friend Connect. There were several dozen members there at the time of writing. You can easily access the archived posts as well as looking at various areas of interest. These include benefits, employment, independent living, prenatal screening and social care among others. As such the blog is easily accessible and well worth a closer look.

Visit blog: www.disabilityrightsuk.blogspot.co.uk

Disabled Go

disabled go news

This website offers plenty of useful information but it also has two blogs. The first blog is the main house blog but there is a fairly new addition to the site as well which is known as Karen’s blog. This relates the life and experiences of a woman with severe sciatica who has been through back surgery and has foot drop. It’s fascinating to read her experiences from a very personal point of view. The main blog focuses on all manner of other issues relating to disability, including news items that are relevant at the moment.

Visit blog: www.disabledgo.com

The Limping Chicken

limping chicken

This unlikely name for a blog focuses on deaf news and blog entries. There is a wide range of posts here, from interviews with relevant people to communication topics of various kinds. You can also follow specific bloggers if there is someone you particularly like reading entries from. Take a closer look at the site.

Visit blog: www.limpingchicken.com

Disability Horizons

disability horizons blog

The line that promotes this blog is ‘a 21st century view of disability’. It’s a very appropriate outlook and gives you a distinct idea of what to expect. Disability as a whole is focused on at the site. When we visited there were a number of notable posts that had just been published. These included a piece on working for the BBC (from a disabled point of view), a post on disabled beauty pageants and a disability shopping list. As such the blog has a wide scope and you can also subscribe to receive information free to your email address on a regular basis.

Visit blog: www.disabilityhorizons.com

Same Difference

same difference

This blog has received more than a million hits, which few blogs could claim to have achieved. It is regularly updated and has a Facebook following of several hundred people. The site offers debates as well as offering insight and support for various campaigns related to disability. These include Old is Gold, Save Our Sure Start and Stop the DLA Reforms. As such it might be controversial for some but this blog has a heart and a strong dedication to its subject too. You may also find it useful to look through the long list of other disability blogs in the blogroll.

Visit blog: www.samedifference1.com

Scope’s Blog

scope blog

Most people will be familiar with Scope. Their website has a blog and a variety of bloggers contribute content here. Recent blog posts include one about living costs and another about the 550 Challenge Campaign. There is information included about guest blogs and how to contribute to the site, so it is developing into a community blog. This is unlike many others online today, so it sets itself apart in that sense.

Visit blog: www.blog.scope.org.uk

Off the Wall Disability and Disabled Blog

of the wall disability blog

This blog is run by several people, all of whom are disabled. It’s a very positive blog with lots of advice and support. The team blogs about a variety of areas, from hearing aids to keeping fit and they also share success stories of various kinds. You can watch a variety of video clips on the site as well. The blog posts are open for comments so it is easy to get involved if you want to share your own point of view.

Visit blog: www.ableize.blogspot.co.uk

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