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Handicare Gemino 30 Rollator

Are you unsteady on your feet at times but you don’t need a mobility scooter or wheelchair to get around? A rollator could be just what you need.

Wheeled walkers or rollators are the ideal solution to this situation. We’ve scoured the market to provide you with a superb selection of practical and well-built rollators for a variety of needs. If you’ve never considered this as an option before, you might be surprised at how versatile and useful they can be.

Ideal for shopping

If you are happy to walk to and from the shops but you struggle with shopping bags, we’ve got a range of frames here that are perfect for solving that particular problem. Some come with sturdy bags attached to the frame as standard, providing you with an easy solution to carrying your shopping safely and securely.

4-wheel options available including a built-in seat

You’ll notice our range has a number  4-wheeled options available. Many of the 4-wheel rollator walker frames come with a built-in seat included as standard. If you sometimes feel unsteady or you cannot stand for long periods, perhaps while in a queue for example, this type of rollator frame will be just the thing you need. Whenever you feel a little tired or need a rest, you no longer have to search for a seat to sit down on. You will always have one right there with you. Wouldn’t that make a huge difference to any trip out you make?

A superb and reliable range of safety features

Regardless of the wheeled rollator you choose, you can be sure of investing in one that has brakes included. If ever you feel slightly unsteady, perhaps while navigating your way down a slope, the brakes are there to slow your progress. It also means the walking frame cannot roll away from you as you’ll always be in complete control.

You won’t have to worry about flat tyres either. The wheels are all designed to even out the bumps and they’ll never get a puncture, thanks to the innovative design.

Most of the frames have been designed with lightness in mind too. They are often much lighter than you would think, and yet they can still provide so much stability and comfort whenever you go out and about. And when you return home you can take just a moment or two to fold your rollator flat to store it away neatly out of sight. It’s certainly reassuring to know it’s always there when you need it most, though.

As you can see, when you buy one of these rollators you are really making a good investment. They’re far more affordable than you might think too, regardless of the particular model you decide to go for.  Just think – the next time you head out to the shops it could be the easiest and most pleasant shopping trip you’ve ever made. Take a closer look at our selection of rollator walkers today and make a smart choice.

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