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Regularly updated with articles and special offers, the Active Mobility blog is the place to come for the latest deals and info on new products, as well as news about us and mobility issues in general.

Active Mobility Exhibit at Naidex 2015


For the 2nd year running Active Mobility will be exhibiting at Naidex on 28th-30th April 2015,  The most successful and visited mobility show in the UK, Naidex is the UK’s largest disability, rehabilitation and homecare event with over 300 exhibitors attending showcasing the latest and best selling products/ and services to aid independent living.

The show is attended by healthcare professionals, members of the public, retailers, buyers and dealers alike but in recent years it is fair to say that this is now more than ever a Public end user event.

Active Mobility will be exhibiting in association with Sunrise Medical UK and featuring;

  • Quickie Power Chair Range – Special Show Offers …. Details to Follow!
  • FREE on stand assessments and Advice
  • Test drives of all models
  • Technical advice for existing power chair users
  • Unbeatable deals on standard Power Chair models
  • Jay cushion range ….. advice and show prices


Come along and see us at stand B21



Rise and Recline Centre of Excellence

Rise & Recline Centre of Excellence

Active Mobility is proud to except the Centre of Excellence awarded to us from Rise & Recline Ltd this week. This award has only been given to approximately 12 dealers in the UK.

Working together for over 5 years, Active Mobility have always found Rise & Recline products to be of excellent quality, supplied with the best service, on average all bespoke riser chairs delivered within 7-10 days.


We now have in store all types of actions available, (including tilt in space and recline) so you can try the riser chairs comparing the difference and the benefits of each action. At Active Mobility we go through the features of the different actions and advise you on the best chair for you. It is important to have the right size chair for you and we measure the correct size for you. There is a wide range of fabric choice or if you wish to match existing furniture, we do our utmost to find the same fabric if possible or you can even order the matching sofa to match your chair if you wish.

When we deliver your Rise Recline chair to you, we explain all the functions of your chair, so that you are confident using your new Riser Chair. Then all you need to do is sit back, recline and relax, maybe even enjoy the massage function if you chose that option!


Quickie Jive-M Power Chair Review

If you are interested in the Quickie Jive-M Power Chair please get in touch.
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Choosing a powered wheelchair is an important decision. You’re going to be living with and using this chair frequently, so it makes sense to ensure it meets your own individual requirements. The Quickie Jive model is designed to deliver in all the most important areas, but you’ll soon see it delivers in many other ways as well. For example it has an efficient top speed of 8mph and it is also capable of covering up to 25 miles on a single full charge.

You certainly won’t have to worry about running out of juice on a day out or wondering whether the chair will meet all your expectations.

The fully customisable Quickie wheelchair

One of the most appealing features of this power chair is its ability to be adjusted and tweaked to suit your needs. After all, no two users will ever have the exact same needs. The makers of the Quickie understand this, which is why it has many customisable components.

quickie jive

It’s not just a case of being able to order the exact style and size of chair you need at the start either. As you’ll soon discover, the Jive-M delivers an immense amount of versatility in all respects. This means that even if you have alternative needs a few months’ down the line, your chair can be adjusted accordingly. You won’t find yourself stuck with a chair that doesn’t adapt whenever you need to. Instead it’s a chair that really does deliver on a variety of promises.

Straightforward and easy to manoeuvre

jive quickie

The challenge with any power chair is to make sure it is capable of handling all manner of road surfaces and pavements when out and about. You’ll notice the Quickie Jive-M delivers in this respect, thanks to its additional set of wheels. Add to this the appeal of SpiderTrac suspension, built to give you the smoothest ride over a wide range of surfaces, and you’ll see how well the chair delivers.

Delivers a high performance wherever you are

It’s definitely good to know you can rely on this mobility chair when you head out to the shops or you go out for the day. However it has far more than this to deliver too. The chair is also ideal for manoeuvring around at home, with its mid-wheel drive and many adjustable features. One thing is certain: You’ll always feel supremely safe and stable wherever you happen to take the chair.

Seating Options
quickie jive seating options

The chair can accommodate a maximum weight of 25.2 stone or 160kg, while delivering plenty of power via its 60Ah/72Ah battery. With chunky wheels, reliable and responsive features and plenty more besides in terms of appeal, many users have already been delighted by their Quickie wheelchair.

It is essential to explore every feature of a wheelchair you are considering purchasing, to ensure it will deliver in the areas you need it to. When you consider the many features and benefits delivered by the Quickie chair, you’ll see just how appealing it is in this sense.

The Invacare Comet – A Heavy Duty Scooter

RRP: £3,250.00 – Our Price: £1,395.00 – Delivery: 5-7 days – Buy Now – For Help & Advice Call: 01789 298182

The chances are you may already have seen people using the Invacare Comet out and about in your local area. It’s such a solid mobility scooter and has so many appealing features, it tends to be a popular choice for many people.

What does the Comet have to offer?

The main advantage of this scooter is that it’s a heavy duty mobility scooter. This means you’re assured of the best performance at all times, and it is more capable of handling a wide range of situations compared to less robust scooters.

comet mobility scooter

Let’s take it for a virtual spin to see what it can offer you. For starters it is has an impressive range and a good top speed too. It’s not restricted to 3-4mph: instead it can reach a top speed of 7mph if desired. It’s also capable of travelling up to an impressive 34 miles on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about being caught out and running out of power just when you need it most.

Smart all terrain mobility scooters

More basic scooters are fine if you only need to go short distances on pavements and similar hard surfaces. However it can become more problematic when you need to negotiate different terrains.

Fortunately this Invacare model delivers on every front. The tough 13” pneumatic tyres are great for navigating all surfaces, and they’ve got a good chunky grip too for extra stability. You’ll be pleased to see the design also includes anti-splash guards to prevent any mud or water from splashing up onto your feet.

comet all terain scooter

The tiller is easy to use and operate, with all the buttons clearly marked for your convenience. It also has a built-in battery indicator so you can see at a glance when it needs charging and get it done in advance of going out. Everything is adjustable too, from the seat height and depth to the armrests. Once you’ve got it set up just how you’d like it, you’ll be free to go out and about and enjoy more freedom than you might have at present.

Smart, understated design

This model benefits from some real consideration with regard to the design. A lot of care has gone into making sure you can easily get in and out of the scooter whenever you need to. The shopping basket at the front makes it easy to manage your belongings and the seat is fully padded for additional comfort. You can also choose one of two finishes, either the blue or the onyx blue depending on your preference.

invacare comet

The more you look at this scooter the easier it is to see just how much it has to offer you. Even though it is beautifully understated on the outside, there is a lot of power and reliability built into the design. This is one scooter you know you can rely on, no matter what you have in mind to do for the day. With comfort and ease at your fingertips, you’ll enjoy taking this one out for a spin.

Top 5 Cosyfeet Slippers for Winter

Cosyfeet slippers are just what you need at this time of year, when it feels as though the temperature is dropping further every single day. With a variety of great designs available, including wide fitting slippers for women as well as men’s wide fitting slippers, the ideal pair is just waiting to be found.

Eliza Bootee

cosyfeet Eliza bootee

Price: £24.17
This particular slipper benefits from a Velcro top section to enable the wearer to easily slip it on and off. Available in a wide range of colours, the navy option is available in mixed sizes in case you’re looking for Cosyfeet options that will suit two unevenly-sized feet. The sole is hard-wearing and designed to last, so you’ll be enjoying the Eliza bootee for a long time to come.

Helen Slipper

cosyfeet helen slipper

Price: £24.17
This appealing set of Cosyfeet footwear comes in a charming range of colours. The touch fastening means you won’t have to fiddle around to get them done up or undone once your foot has easily slipped inside each slipper. The soft interior is easy on your feet and the tough sole is good enough for walking in the garden as well as indoors, thus getting rid of the need to change.

Rupert Slipper

cosyfeet rupert slipper

Price: £26.67
Slippers for swollen feet still need to be supportive, and the Rupert slipper definitely handles that side of things adequately. The acrylic finish guarantees warmth throughout the winter and there is a good range of sizes to choose from. The easy touch fastening makes wearing them a breeze, and you’ll be able to wear them all day if need be, ensuring proper comfort even when your feet are swollen.

Rowan Wrap Around House Shoe

cosyfeet rowan slipper

Price: £39.17
Sometimes a slipper isn’t quite what you need, yet a proper shoe can be too uncomfortable to wear. Allow us to suggest the Rowan wrap around house shoe, which has been specifically designed for just that purpose. This comes in a variety of finishes, all of which benefit from the chunky sole. The large touch wrap closing makes it easy to slide your feet into them, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day, whatever you happen to be doing. They’re extra-wide too, guaranteeing your comfort.

Ryan Slipper

cosyfeet ryan slipper

Price: £26.67
This is a lovely slipper from the Cosyfeet range, with a wide opening that makes it easy to wear them. The easy fastening makes it easy to ensure the slipper fits properly once you’ve got it on, and you can ensure you are able to adjust it as necessary. The HH+ fitting means there is more room than you might expect, and yet the fastening makes it easy to adjust to your convenience.

As you can see, ladies wide fit slippers can be just as pleasing to look at as they are to wear. If you are in need of wide fitting slippers for swollen feet, looking through the Cosyfeet range could result in finding just the right slipper for you. No matter what size you need, there is one there designed just for you.

Should you need any help or advice choosing Cosyfeet footwear please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0800 458 3785

All prices were correct at time of publish however are subject to change.

Is the Invacare Storm 4 the Electric Wheelchair for You?

For help and advice or our best price on the Invacare storm 4 please get in touch.
Email Us – Call: 0800 458 3785

Choosing an electric wheelchair that is going to work for you is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If one or two things don’t quite meet your demands they could end up making life very difficult, even if they’re fairly minor. The ideal situation is to have a mobility chair that responds to your needs and makes a whole host of tasks possible.

The Invacare Storm 4 is a chair that has clearly been designed to appeal to the widest possible range of user requirements. We’re all different after all, and the Storm 4 model has been built with this in mind. Just how good is it? Let’s find out so you can see whether it meets your particular requirements.

A practical and modular design

This is the first thing to be aware of. The Storm 4 isn’t your average chair – it can be fully customised according to your needs. For example the seat base can be adjusted to go between 38cm and 53cm, depending on how wide you need it to be. You can even adjust the depth of the chair to suit as well. Furthermore the headrest can be positioned for supreme comfort, as can the armrests. When you realise that none of these adjustments take ages to complete, you’ll see how fast you can personalise this chair to be the one you really need.

storm 4 electric wheelchair

In addition to all this it also offers an innovative telescopic seat lifter mechanism. If you have ever been out for dinner and been confronted with an extra-low table, you will know how disappointing and frustrating it is. The Storm 4 solves this problem by allowing you to quickly and easily raise or lower your chair according to the height of the table.

Long-lasting battery power

You won’t have to worry about the battery draining ahead of time either. This Invacare electric wheelchair has a powerful 73.5 Ah battery on board capable of taking you an impressive 22 miles before needing a re-charge. With a top speed of a little over 6mph it provides you with the versatility to match your speed to the conditions too, depending on where you are.

storm 4 Electric Wheelchair

Some powered wheelchairs are only able to handle fairly small slopes, but that’s not the case here. This Invacare model can cope with anything up to 11.3 degrees, which is pretty steep. There’s no need to look for an opportunity to cross the road at a dropped kerb either. You can cross whenever you need to thanks to the kerb-climbing feature included as standard.

As you can see this wheelchair is packed with features that make it a solid, practical and versatile chair to own. The numerous adjustments that can be made are designed to ensure it is the most comfortable chair you could own. Daily use will be a pleasure as it will support you no matter what your daily tasks might be. Find out more today to determine whether this could be the ideal chair for you.

Getting Ready for Bed – Bedroom Aids for the Elderly

As we get older we sometimes benefit from a few things designed to make our lives easier. Here we’ve put together a selection of items that will make bedtime easier and more enjoyable to look forward to than ever.

Bed socks

bed socks for the elderlyCold feet can be a real problem, especially during the winter months. If your feet are cold they can keep you awake at night, so you don’t feel rested the next day either. That’s why it’s good to own a couple of pairs of bed socks. The fleece retains the heat from your feet and warms them up in no time. They’re comfy enough to wear all night and you can even wear them while sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Harley Batwing pillow

harley batwing pillowThis unusually-named Batwing pillow from Harley has been designed to support your back while you are sitting up in bed. You can also use it in an armchair so it has multiple appeal. The design also gives support to your upper arms while you’re reading, so it makes for a great addition to your bed at night. Now you can spend your time reading comfortably instead of trying to get your pillows arranged in a way that suits you.

Caress Waterproof bedding

Caress waterproof beddingIf you want the peace of mind of knowing you are sleeping on a waterproof bed sheet, you can now buy a sheet that has a soft terry towelling upper layer. This means you can use it simply as a bottom sheet that also provides full waterproof qualities, instead of needing to fit another sheet on top of it as well. This also has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties which provide further benefits for the user.

Adjustable bed back rest

adjustable manual bed back restSome elderly people find it difficult to sit up in bed and read at night. However that task will be made far easier with an adjustable bed back rest. Your pillows can be placed against it for comfort and you can decide what angle is most comfortable for you. This is also ideal to use if you suffer from acid reflux at night and need to sleep in a more upright position. If you’ve been struggling with trying to position pillows behind you so far, this is a far easier and more convenient solution.

Over-bed table with cantilever wheels

 Overbed Table with cantilever wheelsIf you struggle to hold your book at night or you’d rather do puzzles or perhaps even a jigsaw, an over-bed table is the ideal solution. The bottom section is designed to slide effortlessly under most beds, while the top is tilted towards you. It’s also fully adjustable so you can make sure it sits at your preferred height. You don’t just have to use it in bed either. The wheels fitted to the bottom of the table mean you can wheel it from room to room to use in a variety of different ways.

Each of these items has marked benefits to anyone who finds it challenging to get comfortable in bed at night. Which ones would be of use to you?

Review: Cosi Ambassador Riser Recliner Chair

RRP: £1,430.00 – Our Price: £1,095.00 – Delivery: 5-7 days – Buy Now
Help & Advice Call: 01789 298182

Choosing an armchair isn’t always easy, particularly if you have trouble getting up and down from a regular chair. If this sounds like a familiar dilemma, it might be worth looking at the range of rise and recline chairs on the market today. We’ve come across one in particular from Cosi which has many great features that make it worth recommending.

The Cosi Ambassador riser recliner

This is a chair packed with features, each of which is specifically designed to make life easier for the person using it. For example, it sits on a solid metal base which is hidden from view when the chair is in the seated position. The chair also has a dual motor installed. This means you can adjust the position of the leg rest and the back of the chair according to your needs. The dual motor feature is far more versatile than chairs that only have the one. You’ll notice the greater degree of comfort and versatility the dual motor design provides you here with the Cosi Ambassador.

How many positions does the chair offer you?

cosi ambassador positions

All riser recliner chairs have a superb variety of positions to benefit from. The Cosi Chair Ambassador is no different in this respect. You can easily tilt the chair forwards on its solid base to enable easier standing up and sitting.

Additionally the chair can also be reclined into a virtually prone position. The leg rest rises to support the legs and the back reclines to provide an extremely comfortable chair to lie down in. The arms are positioned to provide the maximum degree of comfort at all times, no matter what position you opt for.

A riser recliner chair with a variety of colours to choose from

cosichair ambassador colour

It’s nice to have a chair like this that really feels good and welcoming whenever you use it. However it’s nice to know it fits in with your décor instead of standing out in a way you may not like. It’s not a problem with the Ambassador chair since you can select from finishes including Brisa buckskin and Brisa hollyhock.

An electric recliner chair with many other great features

Cosi Ambassador Button BackLots of thought has clearly been poured into the creation of the Cosi Ambassador chair. For example the control is always within easy reach to the side of the armrest. In addition there is a large pocket on the side of the chair that’s perfect for magazines and books. You’ll never misplace a book again, or get comfy before realising you’ve left it elsewhere.

There is also an option to consider a different back design. The first option is the so-called waterfall back, named after the appearance of the three separate cushions that lay over the top of each other. Alternatively you can opt for a more traditional button-back design.

Whichever options you decide to go for, it’s clear this is one of the best chairs on the market if you are shopping for a riser recliner chair for the elderly.

Handicare Gemino 30 4 Wheeled Rollator

RRP: £295.00 – Our Price: £195.00 – Delivery: 3-5 days – Buy Now
Order by phone: 01789 298182

Mobility walkers can provide more than mere assistance when carrying your shopping home. They can also provide you with confidence and better stability as you move around. A rollator is a practical and useful solution if you are less confident on your feet, and the Handicare Gemino 30 4 wheel rollator could be the ideal model for your needs.

Available in a wide range of colours:

gemino 30 availbale in a range of colours

This is an incredibly affordable and well-made rollator walker that comes packed with plenty of features. For example it folds down within seconds for easy storage in the boot of your car or perhaps in a cupboard indoors when not in use. It also comes in a variety of colours including silver/grey, champagne, black and even an eye-catching pink. This model won the prestigious red dot design award for Best of the Best in 2011, so it has an excellent history and has proven its worth over and over again for many people.

Safety first with the Speed Control braking system

If you are unfamiliar with how a 4 wheeled walker works, you may not feel happy with using what essentially looks like a walking frame with wheels on it. However this is not the case when you use the Gemino 30 model.

It comes complete with a Speed Control braking system built-in. Let’s say you were to trip while walking for example. In this case you may assume your rollator would roll forwards, leaving you in danger of going down with nothing to break your fall. This is exactly where the braking system comes in. It is built to detect a sudden move forwards in this way and it will brake for you without you having to brake yourself. In short, it could save you from a nasty fall.

One of the best walking aids and seats all in one

Handicare Gemino 30 RollatorIf you take a closer look at the design of the Gemino 30 you will see the handy basket on the front (colour-matched to the frame) and of course the sleek and attractive design. However it also has the advantage of a seat and a back rest, meaning you can sit down whenever you feel the need.

Just imagine the advantages of this. You can walk in the park without worrying whether there is a bench nearby to sit down on when you feel the need. You can drive wherever you wish with one of these walkers in the boot and take it out to go wherever you need to. If you need a break simply sit down for a few minutes and take one. You can even pop a picnic or a book to read in the attached bag, because this can just as easily be detached when required.

The Gemino 30 is truly a marvel and a well-thought-out design too. It offers a variety of features and is one of the most attractive designs we’ve come across. It is a wonderfully appealing solution for everyone who wants to have a little more support when out and about.


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